Your journey at The New You Clinic starts with a premium consultation which will be carried out by an experienced medical professional.

We will thoroughly assess, diagnose and prescribe the best suited treatments and/or skincare protocol tailored to you as an individual based on your own clinical needs. We know that this is not a “One Size Fits All” approach and with that in mind we will sit down with you and take the time to understand what it is that you are looking to achieve. We will then formulate a bespoke signature treatment plan for you.

We work on a 360 approach to incorporate health and wellness into all of our skincare and treatment protocols in order to achieve the optimal results. The New You Clinic are not trying to stop the ageing process but delay it by giving you subtle natural results.

Consultations are required to ensure that you are fully informed about the treatment, the risks and complications and the potential downtime associated so that you can make an informed decision about the treatment and give your consent for the treatment to be carried out. From a medical point, a consultation is vital to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment and that it is safe for us to proceed.

Following a detailed and thorough consultation at the clinic, a second appointment will be made for you to have treatment. We do not do treatments on the same day as the consultation as there maybe downtime associated with the procedure and you may need to reschedule your diary. This also gives you a chance to go over the information leaflets given to you and gives time to ask further questions regarding your procedure.

A cooling off period is advised between consultation and treatment. It maybe possible however, with some of the non surgical procedures to be carried out on the same day. A consultation charge will still apply to the treatment cost.


Consultation Costs

Depending on the type of consultation will depend on the cost. Consultations are an important part of the process at The New You Clinic LTD. We allow for between 30-45 minutes for a consultation. We will take a full medical history, skin history and photos maybe taken. We will then discuss your concerns, expected outcomes and the different treatment options available to you whether it be non surgical or surgical. Referrals to other medical professionals maybe required.

Please ensure that you bring with you a list of your current medications, allergies and skincare products being used. If you are looking to have. treatment for orthopaedics, please bring any copies of X-ray and MRI reports with you.

The treatment protocol given to you must commence within a 3 month period or you will be required to have another consultation to reassess. This will be a charged consultation.

There maybe times that following your consultation that there is no treatment protocol formulated and that the consultation may only offer you advice as well as giving you further information regarding other treatment protocols such as surgical procedures. Please note that you will still be charged for this consultation and no refunds will be given.


Premium Consultations €50

Motivation Weight Management Consultations €25

Vascular Consultations €60

Menopause Consultations €75

Osteoporosis Consultations €75

Medical Report Consultations €100


Medical History

It is important that you provide us with details of your medical history including medications you are taking, prescribed and/or over the counter. The New You Clinic LTD will not be held responsible for any complications caused because of a failure to disclose vital information or failure to follow our protocols pre and post procedure.


Review Appointments

All patients will be offered a free of charge review appointment following procedures. These appointments vary depending on the treatment but are usually carried out 2-3 weeks post treatment. If you do not attend your review appointment or do not cancel or change the date/time giving the clinic sufficient notice, then you will be liable to pay fa consultation fee or any further review appointments.


Rescheduling Appointments

If you need to reschedule your appointment please contact the clinic directly by calling 071 9140728 or by emailing

You must reschedule your appointment within 48 hours of your appointment as per The New You Clinics Cancellation Policy or you will be charged for the appointment.


Patients who are unsuitable for treatment on the day of appointment

Patients who are deemed not suitable for treatment on the day will be charged a consultation fee of €50. Please note that there is NO obligation by the medical professionals at The New You Clinic LTD to carry out any procedure that you are deemed unsuitable for.


Late Arrivals

Please arrive to your appointment on time. Patients who arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time maybe asked to reschedule your appointment and will be charged in accordance with The New You Clinics Cancellation Policy.



If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice. The clinic can reschedule or cancel your appointment by calling The New You Clinic direct on 071 9140728. Please be advised that The New You Clinic will retain 100% of the booking fee if you fail to cancel your appointment within 48 hours.